Red House Painters/Sun Kil Moon/Mark Kozelek

Painfully honest and melancholic singer

Red House Painters - Down Colorful Hill (1992) - 10/10
Red House Painters - Rollercoaster (1993) - 10/10
Red House Painters - Bridge (1993) - 10/10
Red House Painters - Ocean Beach (1995) - 8/10
Red House Painters - Songs for a Blue Guitar (1996) - 9/10
Red House Painters - Old Ramon (2001) - 7/10
Sun Kil Moon - Ghosts of the Great Highway (2003) - 10/10
Sun Kil Moon - Tiny Cities (2005) - 10/10
Sun Kil Moon - April (2008) - 10/10
Sun Kil Moon - Admiral Fells Promises (2010) - 10/10
Sun Kil Moon - Among the Leaves (2012) - 9/10
Mark Kozelek and Jimmy Lavalle - Perils from the Sea (2013) - 8/10
Sun Kil Moon - Benji (2014) - 10/10
Sun Kil Moon - Universal Themes (2015) - 8/10
Sun Kil Moon - Common As Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood (2017) - 10/10
Mark Kozelek - Mark Kozelek (2018) - 8/10
Mark Kozelek - All the Best, Isaac Hayes (2020) - 8/10


Frankensteined together from demo tapes, Down Colorful Hill (4AD, 1992) is Mark Kozelek's first
CD and defines the brutally sincere tone of his entire career. 24 is a chilling number using spacious guitar sections with some gothic country
undertones that are highlighted on Medicine Bottle, a nearly 10 minute work of genius.
Kozelek's tunings, cold demeanor and weary delivery compliments the band's haziness. Lord Kill the Pain provides a change of pace and Michael
is a tragic yet grand finale. Rollercoaster (4AD, 1993) is an immediate improvement upon the melancholy
of Down Colorful Hill. The two types of songs here are standalone folk singer/songwriter focused (Down Through, Mistress (Piano Version),
New Jersey, Rollercoaster, Things Mean a Lot and Take Me Out) and dreamy indie rock.
The band really comes together with Katy Song, Mistress, Funhouse, Mother, Dragonflies and Strawberry Hill.
Grace Cathedral Park is the catchiest song. Down Through shows Kozelek sympathizing after hitting his girlfriend.
Bridge (4AD, 1993) is more or less the same as Rollercoaster. Ocean Beach (4AD, 1995) takes a more uniform direction towards folk.
Summer Dress is a sweet love song, San Geronimo is a long catchy jam with a string section. Shadows is a ballad-like solo piano track. The record uses
the heartbreaking Drop as a closer.