These guys made St. Anger. What else can you say?

Kill 'Em All (1983) - 7/10
Ride the Lightning (1984) - 7/10
Master of Puppets (1986) - 7/10
...And Justice for All (1988) - 7/10
Metallica (1991) - 7/10
Load (1996) - 1/10
Reload (1997) - 1/10
St. Anger (2003) - 9/10
Lulu (2011) - 10/10


Having toured with Venom as an opening act, Kill 'Em All (Megaforce, 1983) came out and shocked the metal scene.
One of the first major thrash releases with guitar solos jerry rigged crevices all over songs and riffs to chug beer to.
Highlights are No Remorse, Whiplash, Seek and Destroy and Hit the Lights.

                                        When James Hetfield got back from a trip
to rehab, St. Anger (Elektra, 2003) released as a way to make an album out of limited studio time and still try to do
something new. Despite that, nothing on St. Anger sounds new for the rock radio landscape during that time, blending
seamlessly for the massses of grungers, wiggers and woman hitters. Anyways, these limitations breed creativity for these
songs, since we all know Metallica's strong suit has never been the singing. His performance is drenched with unforced drama
and adds some personality. Some highlights include The Unnamed Feeling, Some Kind of Monster, Dirty Window, Sweet Amber
and Invisible Kid. After performing live with Lou Reed, Metallica decided to make an album with him.

Lulu (Warner, 2011) is clearly not for Metallica fans, since the band is doing something completely different. Yes, it's heavy
and uses a lot of distorted riffs and moments of shout-vocals but Lou Reed's spoken word poetry is the main focus.
This is definitely Metallica's greatest project on account of their wild experimentation being displayed. A perfect record.