Welcome to my fan page :)
The point of this is to use my own website that i personally own as an opportunity to share music that I listen to with the world, like the website blogspot
Anyways, I have a lot of exciting things you can find in my collection and i try to provide fascinating information about the artist and sources for their material including the music itself if you are a collector
I only really use foobar and Napster to listen to music so those are some good recommended apps
If you find that you can retrieve an album using a .torrent file, I recommend using Deluge as a downloading app

Fritz the cat is a good movie, please feel free to watch this amazing classic
Stream link
Please support the artist etc
Akryllic Love - Olympus Mons

The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches - Three Cheers For Disappointment

Rose with Teeth - The Idols Have Been Cast Down and Rent

5/9/20 11:32PM
Also, the point of this blog is not only to post music, but talk about my opinions on musicians and their influence on my life
punk is obviously my favorite genre. Not that i dont love other genres but this one is the most meaningful to me
Anyways, I've been listening to this awesome band that I never appreciated as much as I do now, Bad Religion If you want a really good skate punk album, hear No Control. Thats a keeper.
Accordion Tribe - Accordion Tribe