Mysterious artist from Canada

L'Amour (1983) - 7/10


L’Amour (1983) is a perfect mix of singer/songwriter and ambient. Lewis sonically performs in the vein of
a new wave band at the time but the instruments descend that energy into grotesquely relaxing radio pop
perfect for a night-time listen. There’s an almost emo style to his untraditional vocal inflections, suiting this
style of lush natured production. Probably the reason why until recently this was a "forgotten record" is his
clear self-awareness of his lack of vocal ability which causes quieter recordings, which might be seen as normal
now but not in 1983. Usually artists would emphasize drama for audience appeal, especially with these types
of standard love song lyrics, but he doesn't have that option. Retrospectively that could be a
good thing. A must-listen to listeners of The Blue Nile or Arthur Russell