The Carpenters

70's pop

Karen Carpenter - Karen Carpenter (1996) - 8/10


Karen Carpenter is famous for singing and drumming in the Carpenters, which is equally
accessible as her self-titled (A&M, 1996). From beginning to end it’s pleasant 70’s pop without much criticism necessary,
besides its style being above average elevator music. Her story is rather interesting, like how this cost $500k to produce just to
be canceled before getting released. A decade after her death, this was issued and considering the quality of these songs, the
label’s decision to shelf it is perplexing. Compared to her work in the Carpenters, these songs are very intricate and meaningfully
crafted, proving she’s one of the best female rock vocalists. She tends to stay in a familiar range each track, which is helped by
an array of different sounds backing her up (disco bass, ABBA-like gang vocals, brass/string arrangements, piano and synthesizers).
This is worth hearing at least once if you enjoy Doobie Brothers or Fleetwood Mac.