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Just hanging out and decided to post another release, check it out!!!
Also theres some patches that I made for the "which side are you on" tour for sale here: https://isleybrowne.bandcamp.com/merch/which-side-are-you-on-patches
Here i am i stayed up again and made a full cover of one of the most important albums in my life
check it out
Heres a couple more albums, one is a "normal" release and the other is my first entirely instrumental folk album.
I uploaded all of the albums to drive Check them out because Bandcamp is a bummer
stayed up all night
i wanted to just hang out and listen to music
but here i am talking about my music
if you havent already seen the new unreleased page please do so its
totally rad
im working on the next album, which is my longest album and hopefully my best release
Im glad that people are actively giving feedback to everything i put out